Configuration Guide


The configuration is read from app/code/local/Elite/Vaf/config.ini. We use the ini configuration format.

Default Configuration

A default file is located in Vaf/config.default.ini - you should copy this file & rename to config.ini, and edit the settings as you desire. Where possible, a comment (prefixed with a semicolon ';') will appear describing a setting, within the config.ini. For a full description of a setting, please refer to this extended configuration guide.

Catalog Categories


Controls how the extension modifies your category pages. Also see related settings homepagesearch/exclude_categories and categorychooser/ignore which are settings that control behavior related to categories on other store pages.

Search Filter



Controls behavior of the vehicle link directory module



Controls how the extension modifies your products & shopping cart. *[1] Will only affect categories that are enabled. Will only affect product that are in enabled categories. If product is in both a blacklisted & whitelisted category, it will be treated as if it is whitelisted.
*[2] Will only occur if the product actually has fitments mapped to it, if not there would be no possible choices and it would not make sense to show it.

My Garage


Control the "My Garage" Functionality


Control how your customer uses the extension to search from the home-page.

Category Chooser


You can allow your customer to choose from a list of "top level" categories to search in when using the vehicle search. If not used, searches will cover all categories.

Automotive Search Engine Optomization


Control how the extension affects your search engine optimization (SEO).


Controls the optional logos module.



Controls the import/export module.



Module Status